Gifted and Talented Selective Academic Online Program

At Denmark SHS we offer the approved Selective Academic Online Program. These programs focus on rigorous studies in Science, English, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences. Students benefit from being exposed to a differentiated curriculum designed to stimulate and develop the individual’s skills in inquiry, analytical and critical thinking, communication and creativity.

The academically focused learning environment is intellectually challenging and designed to motivate students to extend their knowledge, understanding and application and to enhance their learning skills for a lifetime of personal progress. Students offered a place in this program will have scored highly in the competitive Academic Selective Entrance Test administered by the Department of Education.

Program Entry

For specific dates please refer to the Education Departments website.

  • On-line registration for Year 6 Entry Test – November to January the following year.
  • Students sit four tests designed to measure academic potential.
  • All selections are made centrally. The school has no role in the selection of students for the Program.
  • Places are very competitive as usually there are about 1000 students competing for 60 places.

Top Up Testing

There is a provision for students to gain entry to the Program after Year 6 if vacancies occur. Places are limited, usually only one or two places per year.

Senior Gifted and Talented Program

Students are in discrete Gifted and Talented classes in Years 7-10, then join mainstream classes in Years 11 and 12.  Support is provided in senior school from a coordinator who provide intellectual and emotional support to the students.