School Vision

A thriving community where we: Belong. Innovate. Create.

Belong Innovate Create

School Mission

Our mission is to encourage the development of a confident sense of self through belonging to a community which values excellence, creativity and responsible citizenship.

We seek to engage students in learning that is challenging, rewarding and lifelong. We strive to develop their critical thinking, a sense of justice, resiliency and generosity of spirit to support making a positive difference in their future endeavours.

School Values

  • Our values embody the beliefs of our school community.
  • Members of our school community promote:
  • Self-belief and confidence to strive to achieve in all aspects of schooling to the best of their ability.
    Self-respect and self-acceptance by developing the social capabilities to self-regulate emotions and build positive
  • Respect and understanding of others including respect for the history and traditions of indigenous Australians and intercultural diversity in the local and global community.
  • Integrity in our behaviour, actions and decisions that reflect the principles of justice, ethical and moral behaviour

School Motto