Music Program

The Denmark Senior High School Music Program is an expressive, creative area that offers the opportunity to expand and develop practical instrumental and theoretical  skills. Our aim is to creative an environment in which students are able to explore different musical concepts individually and in groups. Denmark is a musical and an artistic community that boasts a wide range of musical achievements and is home to many accomplished, professional performers and song writers. This is enough inspiration to create a musical community within our school that supports and celebrates performance, community, team work and personal achievement.

The DSHS music programme offers both class and smaller group instrumental lessons.  Students do not need to be enrolled in the IMSS programme to attend and thrive in Class Music

DSHS has had a long and strong commitment to music since the 1960’s when the first concert band in the state was started with the kind donation of money to the school specifically for music instruments. Our IMSS (Instrumental Music School Services) program (woodwind, brass, percussion, voice and guitar) is designed to help keep this traditional instrumental stream alive whilst embracing a contemporary approach to fulfil the needs of a broad range of interests.

All students who are provided weekly instrumental IMSS lessons are encouraged to strive for commitment and dedication. Learning an instrument is a lifelong journey which although may be tough at times, is incredibly rewarding and requires focus and practice. Music Education is an integral part of any child’s development and has been truly proven to help and stimulate different parts of the brain. This means that Music can help students achieve more in all areas at school but is also fulfilling as a creative outlet.

Please refer to your Music Program Handbook below for further information.