Denmark Senior High School offers a range of learning support. The main role of the Learning Support Coordinator is to support students who have learning disabilities by:

  • Assisting teachers to develop Individual Education Plans.
  • Liaising with teachers, parents and outside agencies to support students with learning disabilities.
  • Monitoring the educational program of students with learning disabilities.

Literacy & Numeracy Support


The Special Education Needs (SEN) program is a diverse and exciting alternative format of learning at Denmark Senior High School. The primary objective of the SEN Program is inclusion and opportunity for all students. The program is inclusive, enabling students the opportunity to seamlessly access the full range of mainstream subjects and discrete programs available at Denmark Senior High School with the support of their peers and school community, and also have access to the specialised SEN program. This whole school approach ensures that the contribution Special Education Needs students make, as a part of our school community, is appreciated and embraced.

Our qualified Teacher’s, SEN Coordinator and Education Assistants are highly skilled in providing Individual Education Programs that make achievement accessible to all students. Each student’s program is designed to complement their individual needs and abilities, to maximize student outcomes. These programs take a holistic approach, with mainstream subjects and specialised programs that focus on building academic skills such as literacy and numeracy, while fostering development in areas such as speech, mobility, community access, life skills and social and emotional growth.

The Special Education Needs program provides endless enrichment activities and opportunities for students to engage in new experiences that encourage education in real life settings.

All subjects studied are accredited by the Curriculum Council and students are continually being challenged to achieve their personal goals. The SEN program also includes a diverse and exciting array of Work Place Learning opportunities, to ensure students build practical Independent Living skills and learn to become working members of the community.

In this spirit, the SEN motto is “To forge independence, confidence and resilience without limitations or fear”.

If you would like more information regarding this program please contact our SEN Coordinator on (08) 9848 0100.