Does your student do soccer, football, art club, karate, netball, basketball, cricket, mountain bike riding, surf club or another afterschool or weekend activity? Are they 14 or above?

Well…. they are already on their way to earning the Duke of Edinburgh International Award.

All they need to do:

  1. Sign up on the website with parent permission. There is a fee to join.
  2. Keep a diary of what they do each session.
  3. Complete 3 activities (a skill, a physical recreation and a community service). No time limit to complete.
  4. Go on a camp which we call ‘an adventurous journey’ with other students. Our 2022 camp was a hike from Greens Pool back to School, our 2021 camp was climbing Castle Rock and Bluff Knoll.

If this sparks your attention, see the attached flyer or feel free to contact Jodie Pollard for more information.

Duke of Edinburgh International Award