Contributions & Charges

The following information is provided in the hope of making the school charges and contributions structure clear for parents. We wish to assure parents that our efforts have been directed towards keeping the costs as low and as equitable as possible and in accordance with the Education Act Regulations.

The Charges and Voluntary Contributions sheets for each year level provide details on how the voluntary contribution amounts are allocated to learning areas from Year 7 to Year 10, as well as the compulsory charge for elective courses in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10. Year 11 and 12 courses are still considered post compulsory as students can attend TAFE, obtain employment or apprenticeships, and therefore all charges are considered compulsory under the Education Act Regulations.

Information on maximum costs for other optional activities such as excursions, camps etc that students may participate in has also been provided.

There are three parts to the financial requests.

  1. Voluntary Contributions Years 7-10:
    The School is requesting a voluntary contribution of $235.00 for each student towards the cost of materials, textbooks, services and facilities used by students in the educational program. Payment of these contributions will significantly assist the quality of educational programs delivered. Additional compulsory charges outside the basic core program may be requested for consumables and additional resources.
  2. Charges:
    • Year 7, 8, 9 & 10 Elective Courses may attract a compulsory charge. Year 11 & 12 are considered post-compulsory and therefore all charges are considered compulsory under the Education Act Regulations. Whilst there is no maximum charge, the school will endeavour to keep costs to a minimum. We reserve the right to place students into a lower cost option if the charges are not paid.
    • Optional activities – any course where there is a high cost associated with their provision – e.g. excursions, camps, specific higher cost materials, competitions, outdoor education, etc.
    • Other optional school-based activities address broad learning outcomes and for which there is a high cost – e.g. school social events, excursions, camps, carnivals, etc. A maximum cost for these has been listed, and parents only pay if students take part. These costs will be collected throughout the year as the activities arise.
  3. Additional Voluntary Approved Requests:
    The following voluntary donations also appear on student Contributions and Charges Sheets:

    • P & C Contribution: The Denmark Senior High School P & C earnestly seeks your continued support by appealing to parents for a contribution of $50.00 per student. Please consider becoming a member, and you are welcome to attending our meetings. Membership of the P & C Association is $1.00 per family and is payable at the Meeting’s (*This contribution is tax deductible).
    • Student Welfare: a fee of $10.00 per Student. The School chaplain is to provide for the pastoral care needs of all students. School chaplains counsel students and are able to provide families with support on a range of issues or advise them of other sources of support in the community The chaplain plays an integral part in the Student Services Team helping to support students who may be having difficulties with bullying, anxiety, depression, friendship and relationship issues. * It is not the Chaplain’s role to teach or espouse religious beliefs to students.
    • School IT – $15.00 per student for IT related expenses including internet downloads, photocopying and printer credit.
    • Library – The Library contribution of $10.00 per student assists in the purchase and provision of resources for all students to use and borrow. These include:
      • Fictional books for English reading and to encourage recreational reading.
      • Information books and DVD’s to support learning areas.
      • Newspaper and magazine subscriptions to provide current information to students.
  4. Other Optional Cost:
    • Student Printer Credits – This cost is designed to ensure that use of printers in the school is carefully managed, and to encourage students to use print resources wisely. The cost supplements the cost of purchasing toner/ink cartridges and paper for the printers used by students. This is charged on accounts at $5.00 and additional printer credits can be purchased as required.

Personal Items Lists

Lower School Personal Items may be purchased from a stockist of your choice.

Senior School Personal Items Lists are available to be ordered online at Campion Education.

  • Orders must be submitted online by Friday 15 December 2023 – use Code R688
  • Home delivery orders placed online on or before Friday 15 December 2023, will be dispatched no later than then Friday 19 January 2024
  • Orders placed after the ‘return date of Friday 15 December 2023’ may incur a late fee

Outstanding Account Statements

Current students, who have charges outstanding, will continue to be issued statements. The outstanding charges are compulsory costs for subjects undertaken and will be carried forward each year.

Please note that any payments made for charges are applied to outstanding balances first.

If you are experiencing financial hardship and need to arrange a special payment plan, please contact the school on 9848 0100 and ask to speak with our Manager Corporate Services, we are happy to discuss payment plans with you.

Payment Options

  1. Postal payment by cheque:
    • Make cheques payable to “Denmark Senior High School”
    • Include your child’s full name and year number
    • Post to: Denmark Senior High School, 956 South Coast Highway Denmark WA  6333
  2. In Person by cheque, cash or EFTPOS
  3. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
    • Payments can be made via EFT into the school bank account, details as follows:
      Denmark Senior High School
      BSB: 086 595
      Acc Number: 47771 1889
      Reference: Student Name (it is essential that the student name is included to ensure payment is allocated correctly to your child’s account)

Secondary Assistance Scheme

The Secondary Assistance Scheme is available to parents/guardians with children enrolled in secondary schooling who hold an eligible concession card.  The Secondary Assistance Scheme comprises of an Education Program Allowance which is paid to the school and a Clothing Allowance that is paid to the parent.  (If the student is enrolled in a public school, the parent may nominate the clothing allowance be paid to the school).

For public schools, the Educational Program Allowance (EPA) of $235 for students in Years 7 to 10 will be paid to the school and will be applied towards the voluntary contribution.  Any balance will be applied against charges or as negotiated with the parent/guardian. For students in Years 11 to 12 the EPA will be applied to cover charges in the first instance.


Name: Department of Education
Phone: 08 9264 4516

How to Apply

Application forms are available at Secondary Schools. Parents need to provide proof of eligibility and a school officer needs to witness the application form. Applications must be completed in Term 1 each school year.


Available to parents/guardians of secondary students if the parent is a holder of: Pensioner Concession Card, or Health Care Card (Not children’s concession card which has been issued for medical purposes) or Department of Veterans Affairs Pensioner Concession Card. Eligible parents/guardians that home school their children can also apply through their Education Regional Office. Parents of students in receipt of Department of Human Services (Centrelink) ABSTUDY are only eligible for the ABSTUDY Supplement Allowance.

Available to independent secondary students if the student is a holder of a Department of Human Services Health Care Card.  Independent students in receipt of Centrelink ABSTUDY are only eligible for the ABSTUDY Supplement Allowance.