At Denmark Senior High School we are committed to reconciliation and providing each individual Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student with the opportunities and support to reach their full potential. As part of this commitment the school has set up formal partnerships with programs that allow students rich cultural, academic and individual learning experiences. As a whole school we provide the students with:

  • Leadership opportunities
  • Quality teaching
  • Cultural activities
  • Supportive school leadership
  • Enhanced career and education opportunities
  • Celebrations of indigenous culture and heritage
  • Peer mentoring
  • Strong Pastoral Care
  • Parent and Community engagement

Follow the Dream- Outreach program

Caters for aspirational Aboriginal students in Years 10 – 12 by assisting students to follow their academic dreams and to further their education with an aim for university or further tertiary study. This program provides;

  • individual learning plans
  • fully paid tutoring
  • career counselling
  • excursion to universities
  • cultural camps
  • positive role models
  • TISC and scholarship assistance.

Aboriginal Islander Education Officer (AIEO)

At Denmark Senior High School we support Aboriginal students by engaging an Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer (AIEO). Our AIEO is Rob Jones who is available to support Aboriginal students in the areas of academic achievement, participation and attendance. Rob has excellent rapport with students enabling successfully engagement with them and their families to ensure a positive learning experience at school.

Rob has extensive community and family networks and liaises within the community to engage parents in their child’s education and addressing issues that may arise. Relationships are developed by being positive role models and mentors. Staff ensures the culture of the community extends into the teaching and learning programs, leading to inclusive practices within the school.

AIEOs promote cultural awareness in the High School by supporting regional and national events and programs such as NAIDOC week celebrations. Individual and team achievements are acknowledged and help bring together a spirit of belonging while helping each other develop. Everyone is always welcome and encouraged to be the best person possible.

Their role’s are varied with key aspects of support being:

  • Supporting Aboriginal students in the areas of academic achievement, participation, attendance, discipline, retention and communication
  • Liaising with the Aboriginal community to engage parents in their children’s education and school decision making.
  • Ensuring the Aboriginal culture of our community extends into teaching and learning programs.
  • Assisting teachers in the delivery of planned education programs to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes.


Rob Jones (Pastoral & Academic Support and Enrichment)