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Denmark SHS Staff

Working Together – Good relationships provide good foundations for future success

Denmark Senior High School offers a friendly community with open communication and a culture of acceptance. Teachers, parents and support staff work together to ensure each student’s needs are met as fully as possible.

Teaching Staff List


Trevor Henderson – Principal

Sharon Poett – Deputy Principal, Years 7 to 9

Bob Kirk – Deputy Principal, Years 10 to 12


Susan Fahey -Head of Learning Area, Science and Technology

Steven Bergmann – Science/Maths

Lindsay Stirling – Science, Basketball

Jenny Findlay–Science

Lisa Nicholson – Science

Jim Lillywhite –Science


Robert Berwick – Head of Learning Area, Maths and Physical Education

David Brough – Maths

Asha Arlandoo – Maths

Steve Hadfield – Maths


David Beckwith – Head of Learning Area, English and HaSS

Alison Summers – English

Robert Laud– English

Peter Logan – English, Media

Clea Candy – English & HaSS

HaSS (Humanities and Social Sciences)

Sarah Carver – HaSS & History

Mark Shrimpton – HaSS & History

Anthony Ritchie – HaSS & Geography

Technology and Enterprise

Darren Kay – Computing, Information Technology

Patrick McConigley – Design & Technology, Careers Education

Gavin Palmer– Design & Technology, VET Co-ordinator

Marcus Hamilton – Design & Technology

Jodie Pollard– Home Economics

Health & Physical Education

Dylan Judd – PE and Health

Paul Rogers – PE and Health

Ken Davies -PE, Basketball, Outdoor Education

Kelly Judd – PE and Health

The Arts

Katy Mitchell – Head of Learning Area, The Arts and Student Services Co-ordinator

Emily Gummer – Art

Deb Edmondson – Drama and Dance

Benjamin Power– Music