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Specialist Programs & Events

School Life at Denmark High

Our school community respects, supports and nurtures individual excellence and whole person development.

Seize the opportunity to explore your abilities in different learning areas

High School is a pivotal period in anyone’s life. It is a time to test yourself, find your strengths and your passions, and prepare yourself as best as possible for the adventures of adulthood that lie ahead.

It is also a wonderful time to enjoy rich experiences that may be much harder to access once you are occupied with your chosen career path. One day you may look back and relish the memory of being able, in the course of a weekly timetable, to perform a lab experiment, discuss poetry, play a team sport, participate in a play, and review a book!

The Denmark Senior High School curriculum offers a varied and colourful curriculum. As you move up the school you will have the opportunity to choose elective subjects to suit your interests, abilities and ambitions. Your educational pathway will be very much tailored to your individual requirements. However, Maths and English are compulsory through to the end of Year 12, as is sport, and some diversity of experience and exploration across the sciences and humanities is provided for, and greatly encouraged.

Academic AchievementIMG_1248

DSHS is strongly focused on providing the best academic opportunity for all students. Academic achievement is supported through –

  • purposeful and interesting curriculum content
  • performance streamed educational pathways
  • excellent support services and pastoral care
  • good communications between parents and teachers

Exploring The Arts

Creativity is nurtured across all subjects. You’ll find all the key areas of learning are presented and explored in ways that are designed to inspire and encourage engagement. Denmark High School is a great place to study art, drama and music.

Visual Arts

Students explore and develop their understanding and mastery of the elements of art, drawing and painting techniques, ceramics, print-making and design. Students gain insights into artistic processes, art and society, and art history.


Drama is a core unit in Year 8 and an elective from Year 9 onwards. Students receive vocal and movement training as well as non-performance aspects of theatre, such as lighting sound and costume design. Drama can be a constructive way for students to explore social and personal issues.



Students who want to learn an instrument can take a music elective from Year 8 onwards, and can participate in the School Band, which practices one afternoon a week after school. The band takes part in the State Concert Band Competition each year, as well as performing numerous times throughout the year.

Sporting Excellence

Sport is held in high regard at DSHS. As a means to accessing and maintaining physical and mental fitness, but also in regards to developing skills in team work, sportsmanship, responsibility, and commitment.

Sporting excellence means striving for your personal best. It also means doing your best for your team, having fun and cheering on your local heroes.

Basketball Program

Outdoor sports program

Country Week

Bendigo Cup

Vocational Preparation

VET Vocational Educational Training ensures that students have the opportunity to leave school ready for work placement or work-focused training.

VET is becoming a desired option for many students. Success in trade industry requires good basic academic skills combined with hands-on practical training. This is well catered for through our Industry and Enterprise learning department. You’ll find DSHS well resourced and enthusiastic about offering this forward thinking pathway.

Year 11/12 Students can incorporate work place learning into their pathway, gaining skills training and experience across a range of fields. According to interest and ambition students can chose from a range of trades and businesses, including electrical, automotive, Department of Conservation, hospitality and retail. Senior school students can combine their studies with TAFE courses and apprenticeship programs at GSIT.

100% Year 12 graduation for last….years

All tertiary pathway students, both TAFE and University, are well advised and generally better motivated when purposefully focused.

Year 11s are encouraged to focus on future career ambitions before choosing final pathway options in Year 12. Examples of Year 11 vocational preparation opportunity:

  • School apprenticeship Link
  • Work Placement
  • Albany Hospital Excursion to Radiology & Maternity Ward for Human Biology and Physics
  • Climate Change Action Group- Talk and Camp




Community Involvement



Each year students are nominated from DSHS for the States Award Active Achiever for supportive involvement in Sport, School band, the Prefect Program, Cadets or other school community activities.

Community involvement develops confidence and skills that may be useful in your future workplace.

The Prefect Program

This Program is open to Year 11s who are voted into a position by their peers and school staff. The program seeks to develop leadership potential, and goal setting skills. Prefects take responsibility for setting their own agenda for the year. The inaugural group of 2012 set the long term goals of developing peer mentoring and positive role modelling within the school. The group, keen to extend their community service focus internationally, also established links with a remote hill tribe in Northern Thailand, through the Charity Borderless Friendship.


Emergency Service Cadets

The Cadets program gives students an opportunity to gain experience and skills training with local emergency service units. The cadets also learn leadership, self-worth and self-motivation.

Weekly training sessions include participating in activities such as learning to operate a fire truck, including running hoses and pumps, fire fighting with fire extinguishers, navigation and radio operations, and search techniques. Cadets work towards achieving a rank, completing a workbook and a range of activities. Cadets have also participated in canoeing, hiking, dragon boat racing, and rock climbing. Cadets travel to Albany for tours of the SES headquarters, and Fire and Rescue service. In 2014, fifteen cadets completed a first aid certificate.

Cadets units are endorsed courses and are recorded on the WACE at the end of Year 12.

The Denmark FESA SES Cadets have won a number of awards –

  • The Volunteer Organisations and Community Groups Award (2012)
  • Emergency Services Cadet Corps Award (2012)
  • Resilient Australia Award (2012)