Drama is the expression and exploration of personal, emotional, social and cultural worlds, through role and situation, that engages, entertains and challenges. Students create meaning as drama makers, performers and audiences as they engage with and analyse their own and others’ stories and points of view.

In making and staging drama, they learn how to be focused, innovative and resourceful, collaborate and take on responsibilities for drama presentations. Students develop a sense of curiosity and empathy by exploring the diversity of drama in the contemporary world and in other times, traditions, places and cultures.

Drama knowledge and skills ensure that, individually and collaboratively, students develop:

  • confidence, empathy and self-awareness to explore, depict and celebrate human experience, take risks and extend their own creativity through drama
  • knowledge of how to analyse, apply and control the elements, skills, techniques, processes, conventions, forms and styles of drama in traditional and contemporary drama to engage and create meaning for audiences
  • knowledge of the role of group processes and design and technology in the creative process of devising and interpreting drama to make meaning for audiences
  • knowledge of traditional and contemporary drama through responding as critical and active participants and audience members.

While some students intend to make a career in Drama related fields, they also participate in Drama for enjoyment and satisfaction. They experience the pleasure that comes from developing personal skills, knowledge and understandings that can be transferred to a range of careers and situations. In the Year 7 Drama course students explore a range of skills including, mime, circus skills, improvisation, small scripts and class performances. This course will build confidence and a sense of identity and belonging, invaluable skills to begin their high school journey.

A course based on improvisation, characterisation and dialogue to introduce Drama skills. Emphasis is on having fun whilst developing dramatic skills that may have applications to how students relate in real life.

Drama is an exciting area where the student becomes the performer: the instrument that expresses ideas and feelings to the audience through dramatic action. In this elective students will further the ideas and skills they explored in Year 8. The focus will be on working in small groups to discover, explore and develop the ways they can create, perform and appreciate Drama.

While some students intend to make a career in Drama related fields, many participate in Drama for enjoyment and self-development. Drama students experience the benefit that comes from developing personal skills, knowledge and understandings that can be transferred to a range of careers and situations.

This subject is strongly recommended for those students who wish to study Drama in senior school. Students will take part in a scripted and group devised theatre. Students will learn the skills necessary to create interesting and entertaining performance in a broad range of contexts. Please note that students who successfully complete this subject will be well prepared to study ATAR and General upper school courses.

The Drama General subject focuses on dramatic styles and drama in practice as students integrate their knowledge and skills. They use the elements and conventions of drama to develop and present ideas and explore personal and cultural issues. They engage in drama processes such as improvisation, play building, text interpretation, play writing and dramaturgy. Students’ work in this subject also includes production and design aspects involving scenography, costumes, sound and lighting. Students work independently and collaboratively, learning time management skills, showing initiative and demonstrating leadership and interpersonal skills. The Drama General subject requires them to develop and practice problem-solving skills through creative and analytical thinking processes. Unit 1 focuses on dramatic storytelling.  Unit 2 focuses on drama performance events.