Surfing, camping, hiking, canoeing, orienteering and snorkelling are but a few of the adrenaline adventure pursuits offered in our highly rated Outdoor Education program. This is a fantastic opportunity to develop lifelong personal development skills, learn teamwork skills and build friendships. Additionally, students involved in our programs are offered the opportunity to apply their skills and abilities on camps, excursions and exciting expeditions. With our breathtaking geographical location in the Great Southern of Western Australia, students at Denmark SHS are extremely luck to be able to utilise the many outdoor locations for their Outdoor Education studies.

Our programs are structured to allow students to build a skill base from Year 9 through to Year 12 where they are responsible for the planning and conduct of sections of their expeditions. We use an experiential model of learning which means understanding through doing discovery, as well as understanding the theoretical knowledge to fully enjoy their outdoor experiences.

Physical Recreation 9PRW and 9PRW2 – Water Based

Physical Recreation promotes a healthy, active lifestyle and provides students with the opportunity to develop leadership and team work skills. Students study the movement skills and strategies to gain confidence in physical activity through an emphasis on participating in recreational pursuits. Students may experience Archery, Canoeing, Snorkelling, Surf Life Savings Skills, Surfboard Riding, Water Survival.  Students choosing this subject must be able to swim 200m unassisted and a school-based swimming test is compulsory.

Outdoor Recreation 9OEL and 9OEL2 – Land Based

This unit provides students the opportunity to participate in activities around Denmark that focus on an environment of inclusion and enjoyment.  Activities such as Orienteering, Bushcraft, Roller Sports, Golf, Archery, Lawn Bowls, Dragon Boating and Bush Walking will be included.

Students will be representing Denmark Senior High School in the community so a high level of civic responsibility is required.  Suitability for participation will need to be discussed with Physical and/or Health Education staff.

Fees for this course will be required to cover bus costs and at times, entry to community venues.

Outdoor Education (Water based) 10OEW and 10OEW2

Students in Year 10 study the skills and strategies to gain confident participation in physical activity through involvement in a variety of recreational pursuits. Outdoor Education promotes a healthy active lifestyle and provides students with the opportunity to develop leadership and teamwork skills. Student experiences may include canoeing, recreational fishing, surfboard riding, boogie boarding, snorkelling and water survival.

Students choosing this course must be able to swim approximately 200m unassisted and a school based swimming test is a compulsory unit of this course. Outdoor Education also contains some preliminary theory work to prepare students for the senior school Outdoor Education course of study.

Outdoor Recreation 10OEL and 10OEL2 – Land Based

This unit aims to introduce students to the many activities that can lead into the senior school Outdoor Education program including ATAR Outdoor Education and Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation.  80% of the course will be directed towards practical activities and 20% will be theory based.

A large section of this unit will focus on camp craft skills with the possibility of culminating in a camp at one of the many locations in the Great Southern.  Expedition skills, camp cooking, hiking, mapping, rogaining and orienteering skills, leave no trace principles and interaction with the environment will be covered in detail.  Planning and preparation for activities, including budgets and risk management protocols will also be covered. Cost for any camp may incur additional costs.

Students choosing this course will need to have a good level of self-management skills and will be required to act responsibility at all times. For this reason, students will need to liaise with their Physical Education teacher to ascertain their suitability.

Fees will be required to cover bussing costs, consumables, and general specialized equipment.

Outdoor Education ATAR or General Outdoor Education

  • Excursions are required to complete the course and an expedition will be undertaken.
  • Students choosing this course will be required to attend a selection interview.

Outdoor Education ATAR

Through interaction with the natural world, the Outdoor Education ATAR course aims to develop an understanding of our relationships with the environment, others and ourselves, and ultimately contribute towards a sustainable world. The integrated approach within this course allows for practical activities, theoretical concepts, and relationship with the environment to be incorporated into a meaningful program of learning. It provides students with an opportunity to develop essential life skills and physical activity skills, an opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of the environment and develop a positive relationship with nature.

The course aims to develop self-awareness and leadership through opportunities to plan for, and facilitate, outdoor experiences such as orienteering, bushwalking, caving, mountain biking, paddling, sailing, snorkelling, climbing, fishing and surfing. They develop the ability to assess risk, apply the appropriate management procedures to enable safe participation and develop proficiency in emergency response.

The course will prepare students for career and employment pathways in areas such as outdoor leadership, environmental interpretation, environmental planning, facilities management, eco-tourism, military service, outdoor education, and the many unforeseen areas evolving in the outdoors industry.