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School Board

Denmark Senior High School Board consists of elected members who work with the school and community to achieve best outcomes for students. The establishment of the board has given the school an opportunity to attract a broad cross-section of people with a range of experience and expertise. Strong community representation ensures the board can make a significant contribution to the development Denmark Senior High School and provide strategic guidance and monitoring.

Functions of the school board include:

  • endorsing the Denmark Senior High School Delivery and Performance Agreement

  • endorsing and reviewing the school budget and business plan

  • monitoring the schools performance

  • developing processes to review the satisfaction level of parents, staff and students with the results reported in the annual school report

  • endorsing the annual school report

  • selecting the Principal when a vacancy arises

One of the most important things the board does is to establish a vision for the school that reflects the aspirations and needs of the community. Elected members include parents, staff and members of the community. A comprehensive induction is provided for board members when they are elected.