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Denmark Senior High School Board

The Principal of an Independent Public School can establish a School Board whose elected members work with them and the community to achieve the best outcomes for students. Establishing the board of an Independent Public School is an opportunity to attract a broad cross-section of people with a range of experience and expertise. Strong community and industry representation ensures the board can make a significant contribution to the development of the school, with the board having a role to provide strategic guidance and monitoring.

Functions of the school board include:

  • Endorsing the Denmark Senior High School Delivery and Performance Agreement
  •  Endorsing and reviewing the school budget and business plan
  • Monitoring the schools performance
  • Developing processes to review the satisfaction level of parents, staff and students with the results reported in the annual school report
  • Endorsing the annual school report
  • Assisting in the selection the Principal when a vacancy arises

One of the most important things the board does is to establish a vision for the school that reflects the aspirations and needs of the community. Elected members include parents, staff and members of the community. A comprehensive induction is provided for board members when they are elected.

An overview of each meeting held during the year can be found at the bottom of this page.

Gavin Lacey (Chair of the Board)

Gavin Lacey

Hi Everyone,

The role of our board as I see it is threefold,

1. To support the learners (I don’t see the title learner as derogatory, rather as high praise. Tis the non-learners who are of concern).

2. As a conduit of connectivity between the learners both young and old, their family members, departmental authorities and the people of our community.

3. Oversight,

A. Policy review and renewal (those the department deem within our realm).

B. Our financial health (the business plan).

C. The hardware (buildings, grounds and equipment).

D. The software (the health and wellbeing of all who are connected with our school).

My role as board chair as I see it is twofold,

1. Meeting management and planning.

2. To support and encourage the persons of the board.

On a personal note,

I am a great admirer of the Finnish model of education and I agree that health is happiness and happiness is health. If we can support these young adults to this end then I think that would be the best graduation achievement from all of us.

The more I come to know of this institution, the more I am honestly amazed at both the enormity of the undertaking and the real dedication and caring intelligence applied to this task by all the humans here, young and old.

Have fun, be creative and make the world a slightly better place each day.

Brad McDougall (Parent Representative)

Brad McDougall

I have worked as a physiotherapist in the public and private health system since 1998 in WA and the UK, and have been practicing in Denmark since 2002. My 2 daughters have attended Woodbury Boston Primary and I have seen how much difference parent involvement with this school has made.

Whenever I have had any contact with any of the staff at Denmark SHS I have been impressed by their genuine respect for the students, and passion for education. I will do what I can to support this culture as a parent representative on the board.

Sarah Pozzi (Parent Representative)

Sarah Pozzi

I have had the pleasure of living in Denmark for 23 years. I am lucky to have 3 children, my middle child is in year 11 at the school and my youngest will be attending in 2017.

I am passionate about education and have worked as an early childhood teacher for 15 years. I also live on an intentional community with 15 households.

I aim to provide a link from the parents and wider community of Denmark to the school through my role of governance on the board. With my background in education I appreciate the many pressures within the education system and the wide and diverse needs of the students. I wish to support the dedicated and inspiring school staff to continue to provide high quality education to the amazing young people in our town.

David Beckwith (Staff Representative)

David Beckwith

B.Ed Dip Teach.

Experience: Teaching and Education Management.

In my teaching career I have worked at a variety of city and country schools. These schools have included those in lower socio-economic areas as well as those in more affluent areas. Over the last twelve years I have been in the Head of Department role, playing an active part in the varied curriculum changes that have occurred. I am still part of SCSA’s curriculum review groups for English and Literature.


This diversity of experience has given me a comprehensive understanding of the issues facing schools, teachers and parents, as well as perspectives on how schools can best meet diverse needs of their student bodies. My personal philosophy as a teacher and administrator has always been about endeavouring to help students achieve their best and my motivation in joining the school board is the same – to help make Denmark Senior High School be as good as it can be, to help students achieve their best.

Wayne Austin (Staff Representative)

Wayne Austin

B.Ed B.A (Ed)

Experience: Teaching and Education Management

I am an educator with over 20 years experience across schools in Western Australia, throughout the Pilbara, Mid West and South West. I have worked as a Deputy Principal for the last 10 years and have a strong passion for student services and wellbeing.

As one of the staff representatives for the school board I believe I can assist the board to make a difference to the delivery of education at Denmark Senior High School.

Lauren Anstiss (Manager Corporate Services and Executive Officer of the Board)

Lauren A